Handling of personal information:

Fuji Glove Co., Ltd. promises to comply with laws and other regulations regarding the protection of our customers’ personal information and to handle such information properly in accordance with the following.

Management of personal information:

Fuji Glove Co., Ltd., will strive to protect personal information in its possession by implementing appropriate safety control measures in accordance with laws, regulations, guidelines, and internal rules to prevent leakage, loss or destruction, etc. of personal information.
We will also educate our employees on the appropriate handling of personal information and take all possible measures to protect it.

Purpose of acquisition and use of personal information:

Fuji Glove Co., Ltd. will use appropriate means to acquire customers’ personal information. If Fuji Glove intends to acquire personal information and receives it directly from customers in writing or via the Web, Fuji Glove will clearly state the purpose of use of the personal information.
Fuji Glove Co., Ltd. will use personal information within the scope necessary to achieve the following purposes of use:

・To confirm your application for future e-mail delivery services and to deliver e-mails
・To provide services.
・To ship purchased products
・To send you information related to our products and services.
・To contact applicants for recruitment.
・To respond to enquiries.

Provision of personal information to third parties:

Except for the following cases, Fuji Glove shall not provide personal information to any third parties:

・When the customer has given prior consent.
・When Fuji Glove Co., Ltd. provides personal information to a subcontractor that Fuji Glove Co., Ltd. appropriately supervises to achieve the purpose of use.
・When personal information is acquired for the purpose of providing it to a third party, and the purpose, the data items to be provided, the means of provision, and the contact for requesting the cessation of provision are notified or made readily available.
・When it is necessary to protect the life, body, or property of a person and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the customer.
・When the provision of personal information is ordered by a national agency, local government, or a party commissioned by such an agency in accordance with laws and regulations.

Enquiries and procedures for the disclosure, etc., of personal information:

To request revision, addition, deletion, etc., of your personal information, please contact the Customer Support Desk below.
Please be aware that when you make an enquiry, we will confirm your identification.
(However, this shall not apply when the enquiry is required by laws and regulations). To request revision, addition, deletion, etc., of your personal information, please contact the Customer Support Desk below.


Fuji Glove may make revisions to this Privacy Policy as required by changes in laws and regulations, etc.

Contact information regarding “Privacy Policy” and “Handling of Personal Information”

Fuji Glove may make revisions to this Privacy Policy as required by changes in laws and regulations, etc.

What are cookies?

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Information collected by cookies

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・The provision of products and services by the Corporations, etc.

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