Message from the President

Photo of Hiroyuki Fukumoto, President and CEO

Since its foundation in 1953, Fuji Glove has been a leather work glove manufacturer that has been engaged in integrated production across all stages from leather tanning to finished gloves, under the three mottos of “price stability,” “quality stability,” and “supply stability.”
Our aim is to be “one step ahead of our competitors,” and our early overseas production has contributed to our reputation in Japan today.
In addition, we have been providing our products to major companies for years.
We started providing special gloves to firefighters, police officers, and military personnel 20 years ago and are among the leading domestic providers of gloves today.
Based on our 20 years of experience in Japan, we launched our overseas sales operations in 2021.
We will continue to develop products to meet the demands of our overseas customers, and strive to provide them with product satisfaction and confidence.
Hiroyuki Fukumoto, President and CEO

Company profile

Company name Fuji Glove Co., Ltd.
Foundation 1953
Establishment April 1966
Stated capital 48 million JPY
Number of employees 61
Representative Hiroyuki Fukumoto, President and CEO

(Head Office)
147 Ogami, Issai-cho,
Tatsuno City, Hyogo

(Tokyo Office)
17-3 Higashi Ueno 1-chome,
Taito-ku, Tokyo

Kamioka-cho, Tatsuno-City, Hyogo

Kamioka-cho, Tatsuno City,

Kamioka-cho, Tatsuno-City, Hyogo


Location: Guangdong Province, China

FUJI GLOVES PHILIPPINES INC. (wholly owned subsidiary)
Location: The Philippines

Description of business – The manufacture and sale of sewn work gloves and personal protective equipment
– The manufacture and sale of work-related products
Business items
  1. Gloves for various work operations
  2. Gloves for firefighters
  3. Gloves for police officers/military personnel
  4. Various items of personal protective equipment
  5. Sport gloves
  6. Gloves for processing work
  7. Work socks
  8. Other work supply
Key customers ● Major users
Public service offices, businesses in automobile, shipbuilding, iron and steel, machinery and construction materials, metals, construction, and mining
● Smaller users
DIY stores, workshops, welding materials businesses, electronic materials businesses
Others all over Japan
Banks MUFG Bank (Himeji Branch)
Sumitomo Mitsui Bank (Tatsuno Branch)
Hyakujushi Bank (Himeji Branch)

Production system

illustration of production system

Corporate history

  1. May 1953

    Fukumoto Industrial Works was established as an unincorporated enterprise to manufacture and sell leather work gloves.

  2. March 1966

    The unincorporated enterprise was incorporated and named Fuji Glove Co., Ltd.

  3. 1972

    Leather manufacturing subsidiary Sanwa Kasei Kogyo Co., Ltd., was incorporated.
    Established an integrated production system across all stages from leather tanning to finished gloves.

  4. 1993

    三維皮制品有限公司 (joint venture) was established in China.

  5. 2000

    Commenced production of special gloves for firefighters, police officers, and military personnel.

  6. September 2002

    龍博皮制品有限公司 (joint venture) was established in China to produce leather gloves.

  7. November 2003

    Fuji Glove Head Office Factory acquired ISO9001 certification.

  8. January 2009

    Merged with Sanwa Kasei Kogyo Co., Ltd.

  9. May 2011

    Increased stated capital to 48 million JPY.

  10. 2014

    Started outsourced processing production in the Philippines.

  11. November 2015

    Divested from 龍博皮制品有限公司.

  12. March 2017

    Acquired capital in 利成皮制品有限公司 (joint venture) in China.

  13. January 2018

    Divested from 三維皮制品有限公司 (joint venture).

    April 2018

    Tokyo Office opened.

  14. February 2019

    Capital participation in ROYAL GLOVES (joint venture) in the Philippines.

  15. October 2021

    Commenced overseas sales of work gloves.

  16. April 2022

    Terminated outsourced processing production with ROYAL GLOVES in the Philippines.